Understanding abolitionist Earth care with Evie Muir

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Evie is a writer, a domestic abuse survivor and specialist, and the founder of Peaks of Colour. Peaks of Colour is a nature-for-healing community group by and for people of colour in England.

In this powerful episode, Evie and I reflect on their experiences as a domestic abuse survivor and specialist and their journey of healing through reconnecting with nature.

We explore abolitionist visions for earth care through Peaks of Colour group. 

We discuss important elements for abolitionist Earth care including pleasure, community and land justice. 

Evie shares more details on their upcoming book, Radical Rest, and why it is important for anyone committed to Earth care.

Trigger warning: Today's episode contains some serious themes, including Evie's experiences of surviving domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and white supremacy terrorism.

Episode timestamps
0:00 Introducing Evie
03:02 Evie’s relationship with nature 
7:55 Evie’s experiences of surviving domestic violence and intimate partner violence
15:20 Evie’s experiences of healing themselves and working in the Violence against Women and Girls sector
25:34 Peaks of Colour and what abolitionist earth care means
39:45 The importance of embodied practice for trauma survivors and why it’s important to lead with what feels good
48:09 How black people can create safety from racialised violence whilst outdoors with nature
57:21 Evie’s upcoming book on ‘Radical Rest’ and why it’s time for soft life in black womanhood
1:07:00 How to support Evie
1:10:00 How to support Black Earth

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Understanding abolitionist Earth care with Evie Muir
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