Season 3: Understanding energy justice with Dr. Mfoniso Antia

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In Season 3 of Black Earth Podcast, we are meeting visionary black women who are creating innovations inspired by nature.

In this episode, we meet Dr. Mfoniso Antia who is a scientist and Programme Manager at the Health of Mother Earth Foundation in Nigeria. Health of Mother Earth Foundation is a pioneering ecological think tank advocating for environmental justice and food sovereignty in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Dr. Mfoniso is from the Niger Delta in Nigeria, which is a culturally and resource rich region that has been tragically impacted by fossil fuel extraction for several generations. Fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas are burned to be used as sources of energy for human activity around the world.

In this episode, we discuss the environmental, human, and political impacts of fossil fuel extraction in Nigeria.

We also discuss what a socially just energy transition looks like that centers the dignity and well-being of most-affected communities.

Join us for this powerful and enlightening episode.


00:00 - Welcome

3:13 - Dr. Mfoniso’s relationship with nature 

6:28 -  Why we need to talk about energy in the context of climate and environmental justice

8:36 - The links between fossil fuel extraction and climate change in Nigeria

12:34 - How fossil fuel extraction drives power inequalities within countries and across the world

22:38 - How fossil fuel extraction impacts social relationships and cultures

28:45 - How to respond to people who still argue for fossil fuel extraction in Africa to help with development.

36:40 - Introducing the vision and work of Health of Mother Earth Foundation

44:30 -  What does it look like to innovate with communities most affected by energy injustice?

50:50 - What life-giving energy systems look like

58:40 - How to support Dr. Mfoniso and Health of Mother Earth Foundation

01:00:30 - How to connect with and support Black Earth Podcast

How to support Dr Mfoniso

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Marion Atieno Osieyo
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Season 3: Understanding energy justice with Dr. Mfoniso Antia
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