Reparations for people and nature with Esther Stanford-Xosei

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Climate reparations has become an important and often misunderstood issue in climate justice. Whilst much of the discussions focus on paying money to countries that are unjustly impacted by climate change, reparations is so much more than paying compensation for harms done to Earth and communities.

In this episode, we speak with Esther Stanford-Xosei, a leading reparations and law scholar working on reparations policy, research and movement-building around the world. 

Esther shares with us what reparations really is, why reparations is important to healing our relationship with Earth, and how we can all take part in reparations.

Episode time stamps

00:00 Welcome to Black Earth and why we are talking about reparations 
1:50 Esther’s relationship with nature
5:34 What is reparations?
10:01 The five principles of reparations 
16:46 The connection between reparations, environmental justice, and cognitive justice and why it’s important to healing Earth
23:50 Why Esther started the Mbuya Nehanda Afrikan women and reparations project
29:20 Why Mbuya Nehanda’s remains are still in a British museum
32:17 How individuals can take part in reparations

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Reparations for people and nature with Esther Stanford-Xosei
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