Season 3: How art can transform our relationship with nature with Bryony Ella

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In Season 3 of Black Earth Podcast, we are meeting visionary black women who are creating innovations inspired by nature.

In today’s episode, we meet Bryony Ella. Bryony is an inspiring artist-researcher who creates immersive and engaging public artworks that help us reimagine our relationship with nature. 

In this episode, Bryony talks to us about her incredible artistic practice and how an emerging idea called embodied ecology can help us reconnect with nature and rediscover ourselves as nature.


00:00 - Introduction
02:03 - Bryony’s relationship with nature 
08:09 -  How Bryony’s relationship with nature shapes her practice as an artist
17:59 - Understanding embodied ecology 
26:10 - The importance of trusting your experiences as a guide for creating and learning
27:30 - How embodied ecology helps us think about the world differently
33:10 - Discussing Bryony’s art project honouring Wangari Maathai
44:05 - Discussing Bryony’s art project ‘The Colour of Transformation’
53:19 - Discussing Bryony’s latest project, Melting Metropolis, and an opportunity for you to get involved!
57:00 - More info on the PhD opportunity to work with Bryony Ella
01:00:00 - How to support Bryony
01:02:00 - How to support Black Earth Podcast

How to support and connect with Bryony Ella

  • Website:

  • Substack: Embodied ecology -

  • Read or listen to Bryony’s chapter about her wild drawing practice in the book: Wild Service: Why Nature Needs You by Nick Hayes -

  • Apply for a PhD opportunity to research with Bryony, ‘Heat, Health and Human Geographies’ - deadline 28 June 2024 -

How to support and connect with Black Earth Podcast 
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Marion Atieno Osieyo
Marion Atieno Osieyo
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Season 3: How art can transform our relationship with nature with Bryony Ella
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