Disability justice and Earth care with Valerie Novack

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Valerie Novack is an incredible policy researcher working at the intersections of disability justice, emergency management response and inclusive city design.

In today’s episode, we dive deep into disability justice and the connections with Earth care. We explore some core elements of disability justice including rest, sustainability, the ability to learn and interdependence and why they are key to helping us reimagine the environmental movement. 

Valerie also explains why our definition of community should include our more-than-human beings and how that is connected to disability justice.

This episode is not one to be missed! 

Episode timestamps 
00:00 Introduction
03:12 Valerie’s relationship with nature 
06:27 How Valerie got into disability justice 
16:18 What is disability justice
23:40 How rest and sustainability enables disability justice in Earth care
30:02 How the ability to learn enables disability justice in Earth care 
31:37 How interdependence is crucial for disability justice
35:32 How and why ableism shows up in Earth care
39:50 Individual action versus systems change
46:18 Why our definition of community should include our relationships with other species 
52:15 How disability justice invites us to live values aligned with Earth care
59:55 Disability and wholeness 
01:07:00 How to support Valerie and Valerie’s work
01:09:00 How to support Black Earth Podcast

Read the disability justice principles by Sins Invalid

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Disability justice and Earth care with Valerie Novack
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