Season 3: Designing economies in service of life with Tinuke Chineme

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In Season 3 of Black Earth Podcast, we are meeting visionary black women creating innovations inspired by nature.

In this episode we meet Tinuke Chineme. Tinuke is an inspiring scientist and innovator based in Calgary, Canada. 

She is working with black soldier flies and African Indigenous Female Entrepreneurs to develop a new economic model that transforms organic waste into wealth.

Join us for this enriching conversation as we learn how to create economies that promote dignity, wellbeing and sustainability for people and our living planet.

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Episode time stamps

00:00 Introduction

01:18 - Where is home? Unravelling ties between territories and identity 

05:19 - Tinuke’s relationship with nature 

08:57 - What led Tinuke to her work as a scientist and innovator on waste

13:07- Tinuke explains her biowaste innovation 

22:39 - Connecting waste and environmental justice in black communities 

28:54 - How waste is defined in Yoruba culture and Indigenous cultures

32:59 - Zero waste is a part of African cultures

33:57- How nature sees waste 

40:00  Why our dominant economic system is unnatural 

41:53 -  Introducing an economic model fit for the future  

47:55 - The difference between the dominant economic model and a social circular economy 

51:00 - Why it’s important to talk about the purpose of an economy

56:08 - The power of African Indigenous Female Entrepreneurs 

01:06:00 - What animal welfare looks like in life-giving economies 

01:11:43 - How to support Tinuke 

Creators and Guests

Marion Atieno Osieyo
Marion Atieno Osieyo
Creator and Host of Black Earth Podcast
Season 3: Designing economies in service of life with Tinuke Chineme
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