The values to transform our world with Ife Kilimanjaro

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Nature loss and climate change are driven by values that people hold about themselves, other people and nature. So what can we do?

In this episode, I speak with Ife Kilimanjaro about her work with The Wind and The Warrior collective, where she is integrating spirituality, healing and environmental activism. Throughout our conversation, we explore the values necessary to healing our relationship with nature such as living as nature, balance, honouring our ancestors, justice, and uprooting hierarchy. 

Ife also shares reflection questions for you to clarify your purpose in the environmental movement. No matter your life story, there’s a place for you in the environmental movement.

Episode timestamps
00:00 Introduction to episode
05:18 Ife’s relationship with nature 
13:29 Why Ife started the Wind and the Warrior collective to integrate spirituality, healing and activism  
22:16 The value of honouring our ancestors and each other in the environmental movement
27:00 Justice as an essential value in healing our relationship with nature
30:50 Uprooting hierarchy and moving towards co-operation, reciprocity and care 
34:53 Reflection questions to help you understand your unique purpose in environmental care
44:22 How to support Ife’s work and new book, ‘Re-Membering Purpose’

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Marion Atieno Osieyo
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The values to transform our world with Ife Kilimanjaro
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