Hurricanes and climate justice in the Caribbean with Marjahn Finlayson

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Marjahn is a climate change scientist, educator, and activist. Through her work, she addresses the impacts of severe weather in our changing climate, especially for island nations and communities. 

In this moving episode, we speak with Marjahn about how climate change is affecting severe weather in the Caribbean, how social inequality affects the way people are impacted by hurricanes, and what climate justice means for the Caribbean region. 

Episode timestamps
01:12 Marjahn’s relationship with nature 
02:46 How Earth care is expressed in Bahamian culture 
06:20 The impact of climate change on hurricanes 
12:04 What climate change is and why it’s causing even more severe weather 
17:39 How severe weather affects people and nature
23:28 The injustice of climate financing for Caribbean countries 
28:28 How race, anti-blackness and gender shape the way people are impacted by climate change in the Caribbean 
40:53 The importance of radical change and inclusivity to build new worlds
45:59 Marjahn’s advice for young black women interested in climate science
48:30 How to support Marjahn’s work 
50:30 How to support Black Earth podcast

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Marion Atieno Osieyo
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Hurricanes and climate justice in the Caribbean with Marjahn Finlayson
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